Filmed over 5 years across 25 countries and completely non verbal, this is possibly one of the most visually stunning movies I’ve seen in years, shot completely on 70mm film Samsara is a breath of fresh air and a delight to watch. I would strongly urge everyone to search for this and its predecessor Baraka as both find a way of staying with you long after you’ve stopped watching them. This film highlights the fragility of who we are and the world we live in while simultaneously accentuating the beauty of it.

This achingly beautiful and visually transfixing movie offers a juxtaposition from the usual multiplex film, its a movie to get lost in, a journey through a world both foreign and familiar. This spectacular travelogue captures memorable images from every corner of the world  the end result is not just a gorgeous picture show, but also a thought-provoking rumination on our complicated relationship with our home planet.

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