V/H/S & S-V/H/S

One of the emerging new horror franchises which has its first installment hitting cinemas in the UK at the moment is V/H/S.

The second movie, called S-V/H/S is premiering at Sundance and is causing quite a stir as it is generally dividing opinion with some hardcore horror fan revelling in the ‘found footage’ sub genre and others sick to death of it.

The first time I attempted to watch this Connor and I turned it off but after the hype surrounding the second film I thought I should give it another go as we might have been a bit hasty in looking for a serious horror flick when it clearly isn’t that.

On second viewing, I decided to just sit back and enjoy it for what it is and it worked, I felt that as long as you don’t walk in expecting something of a very high calibre and just accept the fact that there is going to be some debatable story lines its a much more pleasurable experience.

It follows a group of men who have been hired by an unknown third party to break into a house and steal a V/H/S tape and while attempting to find it they dig up five horrifying tapes, each with a different story. These stories are the brainchildren of five of the top horror directors in America and it is clear that by the second story there are different approaches as some opt for more gratuitous horror and some for elements of comedy.

S-V/H/S sticks to the tried and tested formula, with a private investigator and his female assistant break into the house of a missing person and stumble across a pile of video cassettes, and mayhem ensues. This time there are some big names behind the subplots with returning director Adam Wingard’s story following a man who has an experimental artificial eye fitted after losing his in an accident. Filmed completely in POV things start to go awry when his new eye lets him see more than he bargained for, with elements of the Chinese Gin Gwai (or the remake The Eye) at play here. The second has Blair Witch director  Eduardo Sanchez at the helm and opts for more comedy than any of the others with a man’s daily run interrupted by a zombie outbreak. Gareth Evans the man behind the Raid, one of the best movies of last year, proves he is not resigned to martial arts with the standout third story, this is the longest, and by far the most gory out of the four and escalates quickly as a film crew enter a cult summer camp and things get very out of hand very quickly. Rounding things off is Hobo With A Shotgun’s Jason Eisener who tries to finish with a bang but the ‘Slumber Party Alien Abduction’ fizzles out instead.

For any horror fans both of these will either infuriate or inspire, as long as you walk in expecting a gory roller coaster of fun then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Any one else looking for lots of your standard horror jumpy moments will love this, it has elements of everything from scream to paranormal activity.

here are the respective trailers.



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