Rutdog Of the Week 28/01/13

Dear loyal followers of 3wisemen reviews, we indeed have a treat for you!

With the second installment of Rutdog of the week I have the pleasure to present to you ‘ Above the Law’ (1988 Directed by Andrew Davis and distributed by Warner Home Video). This first class trash is a Steven Seagal wonder that has an unbelievably generic and distasteful plot. So bad in fact I struggled to look away as the entertainment factor in this film is sky high, not because it is so good but because it is so bad (Rut).

Seagal plays Nicolo “Nico” Toscani, an Italian born immigrant he settles in Chicago where he obtains a keen interest in martial arts. Of course his slight interest in martial arts must dictate his future and he promptly moves to Japan to enhance his knowledge in martial arts. IT’S NOW TIME FOR NICO TO RETURN! Now that Nico is a highly trained martial artist  he is subsequently recruited into the CIA (obviously) and is then sent to Vietnam in 1973 to work on covert missions in  and around the Vietnam-Cambodia border. His superior, Zagon (Henry Silva) utilizes his position as commander to smuggle drugs back to the US. Disgusted Nico leaves the CIA to return to Chicago where he soon joins the Chicago police department.

Nico and his partner “Jacks” (Pam Grier)   investigate new drug rings in Chicago and find out that it is indeed Zagon leading the operations. After a series of epic Seagal fight scenes and many ‘tied to a chair stare offs’ Seagal escapes and takes out the drug ring.

I wish not to indulge too much into the story line as I know my faithful followers, you will be leaping out of your chairs to see this one!

Referring to Rotten Tomatoe’s I wish to leave you with a quote from them about the film ‘Woefully short on originality, intelligibility and anything resembling taste’……but hey, its Steven Seagal!

Check out the trailer attached and as always any comments are welcome.

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