From Lil Bow Wow to Snoop Dogg: The Best To Worst of Hip Hop In Movies

Over the years music has established itself as a integral part of the movie industry, we have been given some classic moments of beauty whether it be Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan or Elvis Presley.

However I am not here to talk about these iconic musicians and their acting careers, I am here to talk about a specific genre of music that has had a monumental impact on the movie industry; Hip Hop. Throughout the course of the last few decades there has been a plethora of roles that hip hop artists have played, however mostly they boil down to angry gang member or an unfortunate stoner who ends up in trouble, but hey there are a few exceptions to the rule so let me take you through the good the bad and ugly of rappers in movies.
Over the next 25 days I will put up the 25 best to worst performances of rappers or Hip Hop artist within movies, but just to keep you interested heres the first installment.
25. Ice Cube – Are We There Yet?/Are We Done Yet?
One rapper come actor who will feature strongly in this list is Ice Cube, he has pulled a few decent movies out the bag that we’ll get to later on but the first one on the list is Are We There Yet and Are We Done Yet. This piss poor attempt at a lighthearted family comedy leaves much to be desired for, the title is about the only intelligent thing about the movie. The painful first movie was followed by a torturous second, called Are We Done Yet? it follows Cube’s character as, for his sins, he moves in with the family from the initial movie, cue mayhem, I’m not even going to talk about this repugnant attempt at humour, Are We Done Yet? I sincerely hope so.
Check out the trailer for it, its much better than sitting through the actual movie.
And here is a little something extra for you, bet you never thought you’d see Billy Murray, RZA and GZA having coffee.

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