Hip Hop Countdown

23. Snoop Dogg

One rapper who has done it all in terms of film and television is Snoop Dogg, the man had his own TV show (The DoggFather) and has had more cameos than decent songs in the last 10 years with my personal favourite Old School. The movie I’m going to talk about is Soul Plane, if you’ve seen it then I seriously pity you for sitting through this tripe. It is a horrendous attempt at a comedic airplane movie, the first of these, ‘Airplane’, with Leslie Neilson was brilliant, however this is miles away from that. It is actually difficult to watch at some points with the racial stereotypes bordering on the shocking, and the general low level of comedy throughout the movie. I don’t understand what Snoop was thinking, even Method Man is in this amongst a cast of has been and wannabes, the story follows Nashawn who wins a court case against an airline and decides to create his own airline with ‘soul’ only soul is the biggest thing missing from this movie. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, not even as joke, and if you want to see what I’m talking about check out the trailer below.



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