The Original Argo

Now everyone has heard of Ben Affleck’s Argo, the film follows the fake film project that became the cover story under which CIA operative Tony Mendez removed six Americans from their hiding place at the Canadian Ambassador’s residence in Iran. However an interesting fact is this fake movie was based on a real movie called Argo.

The original script was called Lord of Light and had been adapted from a successful Roger Zelazny science-fantasy novel of the same name, and was being developed by Barry Geller who had brought to the project one of the most influential comic book artist of the past few decades Jack Kirby. As well as Kirby who would be focusing on the concept art he had hired John Chambers a brilliant make up artist to make the alien masks and assist in the creations of the costumes.
The idea was to create these vast sets and afterwards turn them into a theme park called Science Fiction Land (definitely would shit all over Disney World if it was open now) but unfortunately the project fell through, leaving John Chambers with the script. The script obviously went on the do some good by saving six peoples lives in Iran but those original drawings by the brilliant Jack Kirby were left undiscovered until recently. 
A website was set up for the sole purpose of preserving these
Below are some of the original pieces of artwork by Jack Kirby which are amazing
enhanced-buzz-wide-1575-1361320738-3 enhanced-buzz-wide-1855-1361320083-13 enhanced-buzz-wide-9735-1361320560-3 enhanced-buzz-wide-10525-1361320688-3 enhanced-buzz-wide-20932-1361320210-3 enhanced-buzz-wide-21502-1361320202-8 enhanced-buzz-wide-26454-1361320681-4 enhanced-buzz-wide-29639-1361320175-9

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