True Movie Titles




Here is a selection of movies that have had the titles changed to reflect what really goes on. Some of them are pretty good, some not so good but an easy way to spend 5 minutes.


enhanced-buzz-1619-1363018042-5 enhanced-buzz-2131-1362950310-12 enhanced-buzz-4714-1363013240-10 enhanced-buzz-5693-1363013387-0 enhanced-buzz-9094-1363044011-1 enhanced-buzz-16557-1363043874-2 enhanced-buzz-21086-1363013170-3 enhanced-buzz-21420-1363013141-0 enhanced-buzz-21610-1363013095-0 enhanced-buzz-22850-1363009154-2 enhanced-buzz-23701-1363013183-9 enhanced-buzz-24360-1363013222-4 enhanced-buzz-24402-1363013210-11 enhanced-buzz-24436-1363013133-0 enhanced-buzz-24438-1363013158-10 enhanced-buzz-24461-1363013121-7 enhanced-buzz-29296-1363013400-6

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