Spotlight on Wes Anderson-bottle rocket

Wes Anderson is the son of Melver and Texas Anne Anderson, he has two brothers called Eric and Mel, his parents divorced when Wes was very young and has cited it as “the most curcial event of my bothers and my growing up”. Growing up he has a strong passion for writing plays and making short movies on a Super 8 camera, he went to a private prep school in Houston Texas which was later the inspiration for Rushmore.

His first movie that he made was a short and then a feature called bottle rocket, which was co written and starred by Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson and focused around two guys, Dignan and Anthony, who are inept thieves, the type of role Owen Wilson thrives on. The story centres around the trio who, after their first attempt at a robbery of a local bookstore decide that its best to lay low for a while. They take up residence in a border-town hotel where Luke Wilson’s character falls in love with a maid who cannot speak English played by Lumi Cavazos. When the three friends decide that they need to return to the real world, they hook up with a master conman played expertly by James Caan who sends them on a daring poorly planned mission.

The entire film has elements of what would later become a style of movie that is epitimised by Anderson, and with a brilliantly written script it is a stellar first movie.

There will be much more to come but here is the trailer as an introduction to his body of work.


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