Wes Anderson – Rushmore

In 1998 Wes Anderson made his second feature film Rushmore, the story follows Max Fischer a 15 year old boy studying at a school called Rushmore which is everything to him, well I say studying the main reason for him to attend the school seems to be to participate in extracurricular activities. Whether its leader of the beekeeping society, Fencing, or editor of the school newspaper it seems Max will do anything apart from actual school work.  On top of this Max is a compulsive liar, he continues to tell everyone that his father is a brain surgeon when infact he is a small time barber which creates this fantastic character who is inherently flawed but one you can relate to on several different levels. It all starts to fall apart when Max is told that he is on academic probation due to his lack of attention to school work and that he must give up everything and start to seriously focus, at this time he starts to become obsessed with Miss Cross, a preschool teacher at Rushmore. He also develops a strange friendship with Mr Blume, a big time industry businessman played perfectly by Bill Murray, who after being introduced to Miss Cross by Max also starts to fall in love with her. This strange love triangle starts to fall apart as Max attempts to impress Miss Cross by building an aquarium on the school which leads him to being expelled and Mr Blume starts to become more involved in Miss Cross’s life. From here Max starts a fantastic war with Mr Blume, while attempted to pull off possibly the most ambitious school play and win back Miss Cross all ending beautifully.

As Wes Anderson’s second movie you can see his development as a director, continuing to hone his style with massive wide angle shots, slow motion endings and his trade mark title cards, the film was co written by Owen Wilson whose brother has a fantastic cameo in the movie. The part of Max Fischer was given to Jason Schwartzman over 1800 other auditions, which proved to be great for him as he has gone on to act in several of Anderson’s other movies.

The next film Wes Anderson wrote and directed was probably his most successful to date, The Royal Tenembaums which I’ll review next, below is the trailer, posters and one of my favourite Bill Murray scenes.



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