Marvel movies-a huge disappointment

I enjoy a good superhero as much as the next guy there has been some great ones including The Watchmen, 300, and Sin City but I find the recent obsession with them slightly bemusing. Out of the last few Marvel films including Thor, Captain America and Iron Man there was only really one that stood out, the first Iron Man. Apart from that pretty much every film based on a Marvel comic book is utter shit. It didn’t start well for Marvel’s characters with the first film being Captain American made in 1944 followed 42 years later with Howard The Duck. Punisher, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, all these got sequels which baffles me, but there are a few films that are Marvel’s saving grace by offering up a modicum of entertainment; Kick Ass, X-men and Blade come to mind. I understand that these films are aimed at children but looking at the way Nolan dealt with Batman surely there is a way for Marvel to sort their shit out, I’m holding out some hope for Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ant Man but with a new Fantastic Four reboot in the pipeline as well as a follow up to the incredibly average Avengers and Spider-Man  it seems no one has learnt any lessons. Below is an unofficial video of a fight scene between Spider-Man and Rhino (played by Paul Giamatti, I have no idea what he was thinking) which I found hard to watch, a bit like the first film, but have a look and let me know if you disagree, personally I think it looks fucking awful.


3 thoughts on “Marvel movies-a huge disappointment

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    • Hi Johanne,

      Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you, thanks for the comment. Do you have a blog we could check out? or any comic book or graphic novel recommendations?

      Many Thanks!

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