The antwerp dolls-an interview

We have been incredibly lucky in getting a chance to interview the creative mind behind a new British independent film, Jake Reid the Writer, Director, and Producer of The Antwerp Dolls, was kind enough to answer some of our questions so check out the first half of the interview here. Filmed across the South West in Bristol The Antwerp Dolls follows two sets of characters across a series of events that unfold in a very original and creative way. This neo-western thriller is definitely one to look out for and it sounds like there is more to come from Jake Reid and the team behind the Antwerp Dolls, check out his answers below.
3WM: Its quite an impressive story, being that determined to make a film and following it through, what made you decide to turn your hand to movie?
Jake Reid:  I always had a strong passion for film and cinema from an early age, however it wasnt until I studied film at university that gained the insight and drive into making a feature length film.  My background has in terms of career has always been more heavily geared towards sport sport but I made a concious decision to look for an alternative career to safeguard my future.
3WM: How did you find shooting around Bristol? Is the Film set there, was there any issues?
JR:  Shooting around Bristol was amazing, there are so many diverse and creative locations. Nothing was shot on a set everything you see in the film was done on location. Bristol has a unique creativity surrounding its people and the general public are really open minded about these sort of project. This enable us to approach different locations, many of which were donated to us in kind. We have had one or two issues as every shoot does though with the authorities. We have been stopped by the police on several occasions and also had to flee from a railway track due to an oncoming steam engine!
3WM: You said Tarantino was an influence, was it his style of film that made you want to try a neo-western gangster storyline?
JR: Tarantino has been an influence but not necessarily in his film making techniques. I admire the way he tells his own stories in his own ways. He’s always true to himself and I think that’s important. I personally identify more with directors such as Martin Scorcese, Francis Ford Coppola and Sergio Leone. I draw huge creative influences from those guys.
3WM: I take it you haven’t been caught up in any situations like this, how did you go about writing a script based in a world many people rarely see?
JR: To be honest I haven’t been in the situation where nobody will read my script because I didn’t give it to anybody to read! I always had it in my head that I wanted to do it myself because I wanted control over it. As the project developed we made applications for public funding and this is where the rejections came in. However, we obtained some private investment we have proved that we can do it on our own!
We’ll be posting the second half of the interview in the coming days but stay tuned for more on the Antwerp Dolls from Jake Reid.

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