Could’ve been a movie poster has found a selection of movie posters and the artwork that lead to the final piece, some of Hollywood’s leading illustrators, including legendary 92-year-old Art Director, Bill Gold, have released their exploratory conceptual development work for movies including The Exorcist, Ocean’s Eleven, Pulp Fiction, and A Clockwork Orange.

These previously unseen, alternative designs offer an amazing glimpse into the creative process and the stunning movie posters that nearly were. Enjoy.

pulp-fiction-official pulp-fiction-alt2 pulp-fiction-alt1 exorcist-alt1 exorcist-alt2 exorcist-official batman-alt batman-official unforgiven-alt1 unforgiven-alt2 unforgiven-official dog_day_afternoon-alt1 dog_day_afternoon-alt2 dog_day_afternoon-official cool_hand_luke-alt1 cool_hand_luke-alt2 cool_hand_luke-official


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