The Antwerp Dolls-interview part 2

Following on from last weeks interview with Jake Reid we pick up right where we left off, for those of you who missed it definitely go back and check it out, here is the link:
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3WM: When it came to writing your first script did you find it easier or harder than you originally thought?
JR Writing the script was the easy part. The ideas and dialogue literally came flooding out of my head. I always find writing an anxious time though as I’m desperate to get it filmed and see it on screen. That’s the most satisfying part about writing… seeing it go from paper to the screen.
3WM: For anyone out there in a similar situation, considering writing, directing, and producing their own movie, whats the most important thing to do, and what advice would you give them?
JR: For anybody who is in a similar situation the best advice I can give them is persevere and to get a team around you can trust. There will always be moments on the project where you will be on a real downer. There have been some very dark days on The Antwerp Dolls, many re-shoots and much money wasted but persevering will get you through! If you have a team around you can trust they will also be able to pick up the ball and run with it the hard times!
3WM: Whats next for the project, and have you got any thought on what you might be doing next?
JR: The project is currently still in post production so we are basically in the process of tidying it up. When this is done we are going to take it out on the festival and hopefully get it to premier at one of the big festivals. Depending on its success at the festivals we can gain a better idea of where we stand for distribution but the future is definitely bright. I have several ideas for future projects one of which I hope to put into production in 2015, I am also looking to produce a feature in late autumn directed by the Director of Photography on The Antwerp Dolls so there is plenty on the horizon for me to consider!
This is a project we are really looking forward to, it seems Jake Reid has a real passion for this and its great to see someone with the drive to write, produce and direct an original British movie at such a young age. This a movie to hunt down and a director to look out for, we will be following this interview up with a little post on the film itself but if you need anymore information head over to the website or the Facebook page for more details.

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