Regional Excellence

Very, very, very interesting thought I had the other day (essentially stole) about regional excellence. After Reading Timeout’s articles on the top 50 American films that represent a particular state at it’s best I could not help my creative juices flowing.

As an Englishman I began to think of all the incredible films that have been made that represent true Britishness at it’s best partly because of where it is set. 

Let’s see, we have ‘Trainspotting’ for Glasgow


‘The Full Monty’ for Sheffield

‘This Is England’ for Nottingham.

And my personal favorite so far bought to us by Ken Loach, the nitty gritty ‘London to Brighton’

What I want to hear from you faithful followers is your opinion. What do you think of our suggestions and if you can think of any regional delicacies to add to the list please post, spread and pass.

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