Emile Hirsch to play John Belushi in new biopic.

Interesting, very interesting. It seems that Emile Hirsch is to play John Belushi in a new unnamed biopic directed by Steve Conrad. So what do we think about all this? Well, Steve Belushi was an amazing actor. Not only that, making a biopic about the former Blues Brother is a great shout just because of who he was as a man. Described by close friends and colleges as a ‘Larger than life, fun, hilarious guy’, I think it’s safe to say that aspects of the comedians life will be well documented.

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Hirsch as Belushi is comforting news. Personally I think Hirsch is a great actor, with a collage of banging flicks under his belt. Where do I begin? Into the Wild (2007), Milk (2008), Lords of Dogtown (2005) and even (the underrated) Taking Woodstock (2009) were not only fantastic films, but a portrayal of great method acting entwined with remarkable, intriguing characters. Having said that, Hirsch is worrying me. His recent appearance in Lone Survivor  (2013) and this random shity looking Bonnie and Clyde T.V mini-series is sucking up most of his time and hopefully not all of his respected career (saying, that I haven’t seen it so can’t comment……..but it does look shit).

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Other questions spring up. What are they going to focus on in this biopic? Is it going to focus on Belushi’s film career, personal life, drug binges or his rise to fame on Saturday Night Live? The questions go on and on. The countless biopics that have been made over recent time are a mix of dull images and exciting, insightful stories, but are we looking at another Man on the Moon (1999), a biopic about the ‘late’ comedian Andy Kaufman (I use quotation marks as there is huge speculation that Kaufman faked his own death, apparently he wanted to chill)?

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Steve Conrad, an accomplished director, has just finished his new flick The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
(2013). Yes, it looks a bit wet, but at the same time (putting aside the cheese fried premise) it does look visually pleasing. What we can gather from this is that the man can certainly put a story together and whilst this film could go tits up it does have the potential to succeed and come across as sincere and truthful. With artillery like Hirsch playing the main, Conrad behind the camera and working with an incredible story that is Belushi’s life, this film could be a two-thumbs up. We’ll have to wait and see for this one.

Please leave your thoughts below. Is Hirsch Right for this role? Will it be a flop? We want your opinion!

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