DiCaprio to play Teddy Roosevelt

He has been a stockbroker, Head of the F.B.I, a detective, a gang leader in 1800’s New York and even a bit of douch in films like Titanic, a well played douch don’t get me wrong. It has been said his next venture is to upgrade his status and play the 26th President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt. Why not?

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DiCaprio will continue his biopic trend by playing the legendary politician (who got shot whilst making a speech and continued…..like a BOSS) which will see him, once again, team up with long-term creative partner and director Martin Scorsese. The film will be based on Edmund Morris’ Pulitzer prize winning biography The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.

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With a host of successful biopics under his belt we have no doubts DiCaprio and ‘The King’ (Scorsese) will pull it off again. For more info head over to RadarOnline for the official exclusive.

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