Game of Thrones Series 3: Behind the Scenes.

In London’s achingly trendy Soho Hotel.

The event was in support of the upcoming Game of Thrones season 3 release on DVD & Blu-Ray release on the 17th which we had been invited to and the theme was the episode called The Red Wedding. Once we arrived we were served drinks and left to admire some of the decor in the hotel and the two foot cake which had been made for the event, before we were invited into the screening room, choccywoccydoodah (

Once we’d stocked up on a couple of beers we sat down and were joined by journalists, bloggers and contest winners – some die hard Game of Thrones fans.

We were introduced to Maisie Williams who plays Aria, she went on to answer a series of questions about the show so far, but specifically the Red Wedding episode. When asked about what she had seen from fan’s reaction to the Red Wedding episode her answer was very funny (keeping it brief as we don’t want to give too much away).

The main screening for the event was a behind the scenes look at season three and the events building up to the Red Wedding, it is clear that this season is picking up pace and by far the best so far. The attention to detail goes beyond what you would imagine with location and set design, costumes and overall attention to detail it is clear that the books are important to both the people who make the programme and the people in it. It goes as far as Maisie Williams having to learn to sword fight left handed because the character is in the book.


More over the series focuses on where a certain character are from culturally and geographically in every aspect. For example when Daenery’s men infiltrate the city of Yunkai, a stronghold that Daenery needs to obtain to progress on her quest to claim the throne the producers focus on Grey Worm, Jorah and Daario to initially take the city. As they fight the audience can see their different and unique fighting styles, highlighting their different origins and cultural backgrounds, this is just one aspect the creators focus on to build up the profile of any character. Little details are vital for the success of the series to promote realism and mood. From lighting to location all aspects are taken into account to maintain the validity of the series and, of course, live up to the outstanding books.

After looking at the ‘behind the scenes of Game of Thrones Season 3’ we can safely assure all the loyal followers that Season 4 will certainly not disappoint. With a lot of unfinished business and many heads left on shoulders we cannot wait until April 6th!

Check out the this Q&A with Maisie Williams who plays Arya in the show.

And just because we love ‘ya have a look at the trailer for Game of Thrones: Series 4

Game of Thrones season 3 release on DVD & Blu-Ray 17 Feb.


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