10 Coolest Jackets in Film

Fashion is fashion. At 3wisemen, we fucking love fashion, and we know that we all watch movies and think “that’s a sick  jacket”. So we thought we would compile a list of the coolest jackets from the big screen. Who knows, with all this crazy weather we’ve had, we might even be able to take some inspiration from this fantastic list when purchasing our next layer.

Drive (2010)
drive jack
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A minimal film deserves a minimal jacket and that is exactly what we got. The stylish 80’s inspired scorpion jacket is simple and plain yet elegant, sort of like the script for the movie. Despite this one can not shake of the Vice City vibe, automatically putting it in our the top 10.

Kill Bill (20
Jackets Kill Bill
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Believe it or not this was the best still I could find. Classic Tarantino here. The bright yellow jacket with the retro black stripe is cool and allows Uma Thurman to stand out from the crazy 88 who wear plain black suits, effective we know. However, I doubt Tarantino did this for practicality reasons, he did it because it’s a bad ass jacket for a bad ass mother.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)jackets indianna
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Tough, rugged, durable and manly, just like Indiana. This jacket is Sick! An iconic look that is associated with tough guys and those who enjoy the outdoors. You may laugh at how much I respect this jacket but if you were rolling around the desert and getting shot at by the Nazi’s you would appreciate it as well!

Taxi Driver (1976) Jackets Taxi diver
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Ex-paratrooper Travis Bickle couldn’t depart from his Vietnam jacket, can’t say I blame him, IT’S FUCKING COOL! The army look is timeless, it’s just this iconic film really raised it’s profile. I have one myself, and yes, I do strap myself up with a huge gun hooked up to a concealed mechanism to release it on unsuspecting victims and, yes, I do look in the mirror. Hey “you talking to me”?

Easy Rider (1969)
jackets easy rider f
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One of the coolest flicks of the late 60’s, Easy Rider was a product of the Hollywood babes , a cocaine fueled community of actors and directors (not formally trained) who made rebellious and current films that reflected the emerging anti-establishment culture in the US. More importantly Easy Rider has a sick jacket in it, allowing it to make our top list. Leather, striped in that classic red, white and blue combination and with a massive cheesy US flag on the back. Also, wearing that bad-boy whilst cruising in the desert on a chopper, ice-cool.

Back to the Future II (1989) Jacket BTTF2
Image Via

When travelling in and out of dimensions and different times, one must need a durable and tough jacket, plus something that is timelessly fashionable. Marty McFly’s tough jacket in Back to the Future II has that futuristic look to allow him to blend in to his future surroundings as well as it being tough enough to take the high speeds of the Delorean. Hat’s pretty cool as well.

The Terminator (1984)
Jackets Terminator
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Another army style jacket, but unlike our friend Travis from 
Taxi Driver, it looks as if this one has genuinely been through the wars. The grey colour fits the, frankly, dark plot of a cyborg hunting down a woman who hasn’t actually done anything yet. However, the jacket has a fucking mean chain wrapped round the shoulder automatically putting it on our list.

American Gangster (2007)
Jacket american G
Image Via

Sorry about the photo guys, I know it’s not the best but believe me it took me ages to find one this good. So American Gangster has been on one of our other list’s, you may remember our Top 10 Maddest Coke Head article where it featured. Anyway, the coat, I mean its a bloody full length pure Chinchilla coat for God’s sake! Its pimp, ridiculous and makes you want to say “my man”, sick coat. Not only that, the coat actually has an impact in the biographical film. You may remember that the infamous coat (which the real Frank Lucas reluctantly wore) was the beginning of the end for Lucas as it was the coat which grabbed the attention of the authorities. DOWN WITH FUR!

Casablanca (1942)
jackets casa
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An oldie but a goodie. Humphrey Bogart busts out the trench coat with pure class. He or the film did not make the trench iconic but certainly put it back on the map. As he walks through the smoke filmed set and emerges like a muse in a mirage, Bogart certainly knows how to impress, encouraging thousands of men to go out and buy one. I don’t know when we’ll see this pulled off so well again but probably not tomorrow and probably not next week but someday soon.

East is East (1999)
east is east
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Its English, its in your face and its the first and only one on our list with a hood! The 60’s themed mod jacket defines British style, and what a style! The little shite in East is East reminded us of the popularity it once possessed and, in all honesty, he deserves the credit. Don’t rip the hood off, he’ll freak out.

So there we have it, the top 10 jackets, keep in mind this is not in a particular order as we love them all just the same. However, if you disagree or think we’re chatting poo-poo, please let us know below.

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