Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Robert Rodriguez has been making strong headway with the sequel to Sin City and has again partnered up with the author of the source material Frank Miller. This second installment is actually a prequel to “The Big Fat Kill” which was Clive Owen’s segment in the initial story but with Josh Brolin taking the lead role, Dwight McCarthy.


Sin City A Dame To Kill For also follows on from several of the original characters in the first film with Mickey Rouke and Jessica Alba both returning as Marv and Nancy Callan. Interestingly Miller had penned new material specifically for the introduction of a new character to Basin City as Joseph Gordon Levitt will be playing Johnny.


The sections of this film that include Marv  follows Miller’s “Just Another Saturday Night” which documents what he got up to the night of “That Yellow Bastard”, confusing I know but if you go back and watch the first film, or but the Graphic Novels which I’d highly recommend, it all starts to make sense.


So what has Frank Miller written for JGL? Well it’s call “The Long Bad Night” and was penned with Joseph Gordon Levitt in mind so no doubt it’ll play to his strengths, however any plot details have been closely guarded. Rodriguez did speak to EW and had this to say “He beat the wrong guy at poker” – his “most foul enemy.”

On top of this new material, Miller has also gone on to explain what happened to Jessica Alba’s character Nancy following the death of Hartigan in the previous film.

“She’s out for revenge,” says Miller, who co-directed the film. “She is sick of being treated — as she puts it — ‘as a piece of ass.’” Robert Rodriguez, who also returns to co-helm the project, adds: “You see a little girl in that first film. By the end of this, she’s the avenging angel.”


So we’ll be looking forward to seeing how this pans out, Rodriguez has been filming in 3D which he feels will play to the films strengths and 3 Wise Men will be there to see the final piece.


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