This is the beauty with Film. Nobody cares if it’s real or not. It’s all about watching and enjoying. In some cases (usually fictional) there are some things that you look at and you just think “oh my God. I want that”. We’ve all been there, there’s no shame in it. My job here today is to compile the greatest list of film gadgets and inventions that we all so desperately crave. Check out what I came up with.

1. The microwave from Spy Kids.

The hot topic now-a-days is eat healthy this, eat healthy that. I’m sorry but if we all had one of these babies that could turn a packet of…..I don’t even know what into a Big Mac meal then we would all be a lot happier. If you deny this, you’re a liar. A DIRTY LIAR!

2. The DeLorean from Back To The Future

This one is a no-brainer with me. We love Back To The Future and more over, we love The DeLorean. Who wouldn’t want a juiced-up DeLorean screeching through time at 88 mph? Check out other links on Back To The Future here and here.

3. A lightsaber from Star Wars

A laser-sword that is indestructible, a symbol of protection and righteousness and only suited for the elite. Nuff said.

4. Jarvis from Iron Man

Jarvis is not only the most amazing computer system ever, even better than Microsoft XP, but is also a friend. His visual assistance makes building a robotic suit fun. He is even built into the suit when Tony is out-and-about. Plus, he has wicked banter. Good ‘ol Jarvis.

5. A neuralizer from Men In Black

No matter who you are or what you have done with your life, there is always a point where you just want to erase someone’s memory. It’s as simple as that.

6. A burger from Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction 

‘Hmmmm. This is a tasty burger’. There is something about these burgers that are just so appealing. Maybe it’s the cheese melting off the side, maybe it’s the fact that Jules is lucky enough to have one for breakfast or maybe it’s because it truly is the right meal to have just before you blow someone’s brains out. Either way, I would love to check out this Hawaiian joint but, my girlfriends a vegetarian, so that basically means I’m a vegetarian too. To check out some awesome Pulp Fiction trivia, click here.

7. An insane friend like Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski

There is no doubt in my mind that having someone in your life like Walter Sobhak could seriously mess up any situation you are in. He is reckless, careless, loud, obnoxious and annoyingly always right. However, the lovable Vietnam vet is loyal and offers that comic relief that, frankly, Donny can’t. R.I.P Donny

8. A proton pack from Ghostbusters

I remember watching these films as a little one and thinking, “I would literally sell my mother for one of those”. Unfortunately I haven’t found one yet and nobody wants to purchase my mother. However, think of all the fun we could have if we had some of these. This one plays homage to Harold Ramis who died earlier on this year. We looked back at his life which you can check out here.

9. The Bat Pod from The Dark Knight

When we talk superhero’s there is always a debate. Usually, and for obvious reasons, Superman reigns supreme. But Superman doesn’t have gadgets, Batman has a shit load of gadgets and this one tops the list. With rotating wheels for a quick turn, bad-ass exit from Batman’s Tumbler and fire power that could take down The Third Reich I think we can all see why this has made the list.

10. A group of Oompa Loompa’s to arrive on cue and sing a song that is relative to what is happening at that specific moment

It’s the overwhelming sense of feeling important that makes me want this so much. If I were to try and make a point and it was reiterated by a bunch of midgets in  green wigs coming out of nowhere, then who wouldn’t want that? My point exactly.

So there we have it. 10 things from films that EVERY bloke wants. However, I suspect that some of you may disagree. So if so, please do not hurl abuse, but kindly leave a message below. Enjoy!





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