Music films, films music. Who knows whats what anymore? After the huge news dropped that there was to be a Hendrix biopic featuring Andre 3000 we were delighted to hear that another musical extrovert in the form of James Brown would be hitting the big screen with his own biopic. Get on Down is the title and the cast and crew are nothing short of brilliant. In the safe and capable hands of Tate Taylor, three years after helming the manipulative melodrama of The Help, we (assume) we won’t be disappointed.

Fingers crossed this new flick about “The Godfather of Soul” lives up to the incredible, yet turbulent, reputation of Mr Brown. Brown will be portrayed by Chadwick Boseman who starred in another biopic of the legendary baseball hero Jackie Robinson in the inspirational 42. A house-hold name he is not, however we bet that’s sure to change soon as long as Get on Up has the impact we are hoping for. Brown had a troubled career, flirting with drugs and guilty of tax invasion, his life was far from ‘chilled’. Let’s just hope the drama which was his life and career can be suitably portrayed in Get on Up. 

Check out the trailer below

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