FANTASTIC NEWS! It has been confirmed that a sequel to the hugely popular English cult film, Mike Bassett: England Manageris set to be filmed later this year. The ‘big boss’ Ricky Tomlinson is on board (of course he is, nobody else could compare.)

The new project, titled Mike Bassett: Interim Manager returns to the hot-headed manager only this time he is an assistant to German Jorgen Mannstein. There is no doubt that the sequel is being commissioned due to England’s trip to Brazil this summer. Filming will take place during the (actual) World Cup.

Director Steve Barron  will, once again, over see the project and hopefully outdo the original by exceeding the £3 million box office mark the original raked in. Thankfully the original writers, Rob Sprackling and John R Smith, are putting pen-to-paper and taking care of the sequel as well.

Barron said about the film;

“Bassett was the last England manager to take the national team to Brazil. We reached the semis then, who knows what we could achieve this time around.”

To rekindle some of those fond memories from the original check out the clip below.



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