Originality in film

It will come as no surprise that many of the most successful films of the past decade have not been completely original and many are working from source material. However a fantastic video from Kirby Ferguson really highlights the extent of the issue in cinema at the moment “Of the 10 highest grossing films from the last 10 years, 74% are either sequels, re-makes or adaptations of video games, comics or books.”

It does seems we are currently in the age of the remake with the first installment of Gareth Evans trilogy The Raid to be remade by Patrick Hughes, the director of The Expenables 3. Thinking about it even Scorsese’s The Departed is a remake of the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs.

There are diamonds in the rough with directors like Wes Anderson producing films of true quality that have been churned out by the Hollywood machine, but even he directed Fantastic Mr Fox.

I understand that there are some stellar examples of original filmmaking in the past ten years especially within the independent market. A personal favourite of mine would have to be Evan Glodell’s Bellflower, which if you haven’t already seen I urge you to go hunt down.

It seems that working from a source material will most likely give you a bigger return on your investment, especially if it is as popular as a Twilight or a 50 Shades whether or not this a good thing is something to be discussed. However I will say that the majority of independent, original films of the past decade that I have seen I have enjoyed. This may be because the market is saturated with remakes and unnecessary sequels or because they are something new exciting and exactly what they say they are, original.

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