New Trailer for The Raid 2


To further ramp up the already fever pitch excitement surrounding Gareth Evans sequel to The Raid an ‘Internet’ trailer has been released which focuses more on the impressive action scenes in the film.

This follows a ten minute ‘behind the scenes’ look at the scale of the film and the initial trailer which was an excellent way to tease some of the story. The new Trailer does not pull any punches and is definitely focused more on the all out brutality of the second installment, something that was a personal highlight in the first film.

The Raid truly was a breath of fresh air in terms of reigniting the action genre, it took the very best of what makes a memorable action and boils it down to a very basic gritty version. Where Western action movies have watered down the fight scenes, where the Bourne trilogy utilised close up shots Gareth Evans went for wide shots so you could appreciate the brutality of every punch and kick.

The Raid 2 opened to a resounding success at Sundance and it is no surprise that people are already talking about The Raid 3, this is definitely one to keep and eye out for when it is finally released in the cinema here.


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