X-men Day Of Future Past – Second Trailer

Normally when a huge comic book blockbuster has but mere months to hit the big screen we are overwhelmed with a slew of teasers, trailers and TV spots in the lead up to its release. The new X-men film seems to have been something of an anomaly with this regard in that fans have been treated to a teaser here or there and one full length trailer which, comparatively to other films, didn’t really show any actual action. Well that is up until now. Today the second trailer for Bryan Singers (X-men 1, 2 and most importantly not 3) new X-men time travel epic has arrived.

With much of the X-men fan base waiting eagerly for this second trailer to land, excitedly waiting for their first glimpse of a sentinel in action, this may have disappointed some. The trailer although more action packed than the first and with a couple of those all important glimpses of the giant mutant hunting machines, is certainly not the spoiler heavy comic book trailer of today that we are familiar with. I can understand how this may frustrate some, however this actually gives me more hope that the film will be decent if not good and perhaps, just maybe amazing. It seems that thus far, and I am fully aware a 3rd trailer may and probably will appear before May 23, they haven’t gone down the road of gratuitously ramming massive action set pieces down our throats for two and a half minutes in an attempt to reassure us that there will be an abundance of massive action set pieces, so that if we were in any doubt about whether or not to see this movie for fear of a lack of massive action set pieces, we wont be disappointed, as if we weren’t all aware by now that a comic book blockbuster means lots and lots of action.

With the X-men time travelling arc one of my favourites, I hope X-men Days of Future Past doesn’t go the way of the Pheonix story arc in X-3, but for me early signs look good, the actual footage in the trailer looks pretty epic too.

Let us know what you think is X-men Days of Future Past going to be the valiant return of Brian Singer (who lets not forget did direct Superman Returns) or another footnote on the already overcrowded world of the comic book film?

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