This is our, as viewers, first glimpse at Pawel Pawlikowski’s beautifully shot film ‘Ida’. Following the life of a young, orphaned, devout Christian woman who is about to declare her devotion to her faith by vowing to live the life of a nun. However, before she submits herself to the Christian way-of-life she is encouraged to seek out her heritage, past and family history. Her discovery is shocking and leads her on a journey of exploration, conciliation and recognition.

Pawlikowski, it seems, has directed a stunning film. Shot in black and white the film is crisp and clean, highlighting the native surroundings and aesthetics of post-war Eastern Europe. The story is pure and the cinematography is reminiscent of the French new wave era that made so much of us (mainly the elders) fall in love with cinema. WE’RE REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS ONE. The film is set to be released in the UK on the 26th September. Whack it in your diaries. Check out the trailer below. As usual, all comments are welcome.


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