watch: new trailer for ‘two men in town’ featuring forest whitaker and harvey keitel

We have finally been given the chance to see (only in trailer and poster form) a glimpse of a project that was announced ages ago in August 2011.

Forest Whitaker has creatively teamed up with Oscar-nominated Algerian filmmaker Rachid Bouchareb to star in the first film of a trilogy of English-language films that explores the astonishing, and sometimes confusing, relationship between the west and the Arab world.

The questions I’m asking in my movies here in America are ‘Where are we?’ and ‘Where are we going?’ and ‘Why do we need to have hope in this relationship?’” The director said.

The film was initially titled Bill’s Law and is based on an 1973 French psychological drama called Deux Hommes Dans La Ville (Two Men in Town) by Jose Giovanni. The film is about an ex-safe cracker who has been recently released from prison. The ex-thief is determined to get his life on the ‘straight and narrow’ by finding honest work and a new love. However, and there is always a ‘however’, it appears to be tricky as ex-gang mates and a vengeful cop badger his commitment to live an honest life.

Bouchareb has transcribed the original scenery of a small French village in the 1970’s to a present-day remote town near the Mexican border, touching on American anti-Arab paranoia as Whitaker plays the part of a converted Muslim.

Joining the actor in his reported $20 million film is Harvey Keitel (the disgruntled, vengeful cop) and Luis Guzman to name a few.

Check out below the first trailer for the flick and beneath that the movie poster. As usual, all comments are welcome.

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