karl urban wants a dredd sequel. watch his message to his fans

With the 2012 cult-film, Dredd, not doing as well as it would have liked in the box-office (mainly due to the poor marketing on the studio’s part) we are pleased to see Karl Urban reaching out to his fans and assuring us that he and others in the film bizz are doing their best to secure a sequel.

Yes, it didn’t do that well in the box office, it didn’t even manage to scrape back it’s $50 million investment. Dredd’s poor marketing was it’s achilles heel. In Ireland they didn’t even have a press-screening so it is no wonder that it was doomed (financially) before it was even released.

Dredd was a breath of fresh air. The film is true to it’s humble beginnings as a British born comic book following the life of a disgruntled judge, committed to the law. Wading his way through the filth which is a scorched earth and battling multiple gangs in the grotesque Mega City One.

The Dredd franchise is in very capable hands so a sequel, despite it’s initial lack of box-office success, should be made. The critics loved it, it was not that ridiculous, the audience could relate to it and the characters are incredible.

Initially the idea of a sequel was scrapped, that was until a petition was launched to make a sequel. Slowly but surely the petition has gained momentum and is growing in size. The message below from our Judge himself thanks Dredd fans and reiterates his desire to make a sequel. Check it out below. Keep scrolling down to check out the Dredd trailer. What do you guys think? Would you like to see another Dredd trailer or should we let this one rest? Drop a comment and let us know your thought.


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