So on one of our usual trailer hunts and YouTube searching we came across this trailer for Desert Bloom. It’s about a 14 year old kid, Tyler Teague, who is the oldest living male with a rare genetic disorder called Bloom Syndrome. A disorder that causes one to grow slowly ans disproportionately. However, Tylers determination, attitude and resilience towards his disorder gives him the confidence to fulfill his dream of becoming a pro-skateboarder. He is athletic, skilled and inspiring, commodities that are admirable for somebody in his situation.

Tyler is aware that he has limited time and is mindful that those who suffer from his condition are likely to succumb to some sort of cancer or leukemia, Tyler’s life expectancy is only 23! He luckily has the support of his family, especially his father, Ron. Ron lost his eldest daughter  last year to the same condition and now devotes his life to encouraging Tyler to fulfill his dreams.

The crew have put together a fundraiser account to help Tyler reach his dream to become a pro-skater. Check out their website here. All donations will of course be hugely appreciated as well as rewarded with some BOOM merchandise. As for now, check out the heart warming trailer for the feature length documentary, Desert Bloom, below. As usual, all comments and thoughts are welcome.


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