Only God Forgives VFX Reel

Blockbuster season will soon be in full flow and between the torrent of new comic book iterations, X-men Days of Future Past, Guardians of the Galaxy, to name but two, and big budget action extravaganzas, such as Godzilla, all gracing the big screen over the next few months, it is easy to forget that special effects can also be a practice of subtlety. A great little video has appeared online aptly visualizing said subtlety in the form of the VFX Reel for ‘Only God Forgives’.

The video is a great watch on three fronts, one being a reminder that just because their aren’t monsters or superheroes destroying the downtown area of a major city, doesn’t mean that a special kind of wizardry (and I’m pretty sure there are some kind of wizard or magic is involved) hasn’t been employed to remove a rogue air conditioning duct here or there or to make blood splatter just that little bit more real. The second being it is weirdly humbling to see visual effects employed in this way and should be a reminder to us all to try and not get too fatigued or complacent with just how nuts special effects are now, even if we are constantly bombarded with them. And three its just a pretty cool short.

So here it is marvel in the magic at work below. As always comments are more than welcome.

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