Big News Roundup Part 3

We understand that its an almost impossible task keeping up to date with the very best in movie news so we will be uploading a roundup of the very best trailers, posters, and tidbits of news to make sure you are ahead of the game.

Wow it has hardly been a week and we’ve already had some of the biggest new stories so far, with set photos from the new Star Wars to Guardian’s of the Galaxy late casting we’ve hand picked some of the biggest news to make sure you have something to talk about this week.


Star Wars pictures

So information about the new Star Wars film looks like its coming thick and fast with two sets of leaked photos from the set of what looks like a Tatooine marketplace and the other is a rather famous ship that can do the kessle run in under 12 parsecs.

Now we’ve already had Mr Abrams on set which we discussed in the first Big News Roundup but these are a whole new set of images and the second one is by far the most exciting and it looks like things are going well (apart from the leaked set photos) and we have also had an image of a very slim looking Mark Hamill sporting a rather fetching beard which is very reminiscent of Obi Wan Kenobi. To check out the full set of images go to the links below.




Green Inferno Trailer

Our second point of news comes from director Eli Roth, the man who brought us Hostel and Cabin Fever, who has decided to get back into the directors chair after 8 long years working on other projects, the film looks promising and is looks very similar to Cannibal Holocaust for any of you who have had the pleasure of watching that.

Expect this to hit cinemas early September

Josh Brolin cast as Thanos

In this weeks biggest news we have heard that Thanos has been cast and its none other than Josh Brolin, fresh off the heels of the dreadful Oldboy remake Brolin has been voicing the Marvel villain for the new Guardians Of The Galaxy film which is set to be hitting the cinema in a couple of months. From what we’ve read over here at 3WM this film could really turn out to be a surprise hit, with the off the way director James Gunn and Chris Pratt as the lead it looks to have a balance of comedy and action that has not been seen in comic book films since the first Ironman.

Week of reboots – Cliffhanger, Stargate, Friday 13th

As the film industry continues to run out of original ideas there have been several reboots announced this week including Cliffhanger, Stargate, and Friday 13th. None of these particularly need a reboot and it further proves the point that while many of the older generation lived through the golden age of cinema, we currently are not.


Secret Cinema in London

For those of you who happen to live in London there is an event that we would highly recommend, Secret Cinema is recreating Hill Valley from the Back To The Future films and it really is something not to miss out on so head over to their website and grab yourself a ticket.


That is all for this installment, if you think there is anything we’ve missed or anything you want to discuss hit us up on Facebook or comment below and make sure you head back and check out next weeks!

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