The human race is inherently sick in the head and because of this ignored trait we decided to create a list of the Top 10 beat downs in cinema. Because it’s enjoyable. Now, choosing from an eclectic list of cinema fights is no easy task but we were willing to take on the challenge.

So, ladies and gentleman, please check out the list of the most violent, bloody, gruesome beat downs we could think of…….we had A LOT of fun doing this one.

1. Henry Hill, Goodfellas 

So when the creep next door hits Karen, Henry Hill’s JP girlfriend, it was inevitable all hell was gonna break loose. But pistol whipping the twat in his own front garden, in front of his friends and giving the bloodied gun back to Karen as if it were some kind of trophy, now that’s bad ass.

2. Sonny Corleone, The Godfather

Who in their right mind would beat up the daughter of one of the most powerful men in organised crime and the sister of one of the most dangerous, violent and unstable gangsters in film? Enough said really, he deserved it……and they warned him before! Jeez, what an idiot.

3. Carlin, Scum

“WHO’S THE DADDY NA?” Scum is one of the UK’s most gritty prison films ever made. And with an array of actors whom we now consider national treasures, it’s fantastic to get a British film in here. Why it makes our list? Because Ray Winston struts around smacking inmates with snooker balls in the face. BOOM!

4. Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutting, Gangs of New York

You don’t get a name like ‘The Butcher’ for no reason. However, it’s not his knife skills that gets Bill a spot on this list, it’s his relentless and thunderous forehead that earned him his spot. Now that’s what I call using your noggin.

5. Captain Hadley, The Shawshank Redemption

This is a sad one. We weren’t actually sure if it was right to put this in. A bit insensitive you could say. But like I said before, humans are inherently sick so why not? This fatso got one hell of a beat down!

6. Jake La Motta, Raging Bull

Two beat downs in one. Firstly he lays out his brother, who is actually a pretty nice guy; then his wife who, to be fair, is a straight up slut. Fantastic biographical film with the great Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, one of the best partnerships in film history.

7. Micky O’Neil, Snatch

He’s not called One-Punch Micky for no reason. This Pikey aint no joke and his impressive one punch thump keeps us, the viewer, clutching our jaw squirming. Fancy a fight but got no cash on the line? Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll fight ya for your shoes.

8.  Lou/Tyler Durden, Fight Club

This is a tricky one. Technically, Lou was the one opening up a can of whoopass on Tyler but it was all just an incredible ploy to allow the club to continue fighting in his basement. Who won this one? You decide.

9. Sgt Donny ‘The Bear Jew’ Donowitz, Inglorious Basterds

This is a head-splitting beat down. One of our favourites as there’s nothing better than a Nazi getting his head pounded, especially when it’s a vengeful Jew armed with extreme anger and a baseball bat. Good times.

10. The Bride, Kill Bill

The finale of this incredibly diverse and violent list is the annihilation of an entire gang plus a deranged school girl who’s proper ‘ard! Only Tarantino could create a beat down that not only messes one person up but 88 others as well. BEAT DOWN!


So this concludes another Top 10, hot dang do we love these. Be sure to check out other such as……




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