Conept Movie Posters

Concept Film Posters:

Some more inspired designs below








These are some more amazing fan created posters we have found. Have a look through and let us know what you think the link for the artist is below:

tron_poster_by_markwelser-d2yfb5e dawn_of_the_dead_poster_by_markwelser-d30919n shaun_of_the_dead_poster_by_markwelser-d2yfffh the_shining_poster_by_markwelser-d2yfa38 inception_poster_by_markwelser-d2ybmhp saw_poster_by_markwelser-d2yfety the_exorcist_poster_by_markwelser-d2yfext plakat filmowy Print Print Print Print Print Print PrintWe have added some more brilliant concept movie posters to the page, have a look through them and let us know what you think!

201103-chungkongs_minimalposter-22 41721a2924a651bfeead9d915d7499e0 f284cc70afe1cc14e51716d864f67bd1 aae9995bef99cb54c99066e5d82cd7eb 8c7b7b5bf2d85a868aba79bdaa69c441 7c74b8945f76a91df840aef2483e19c7 f6952cff49374cb277585ae350f18106 d7d5ed29bf1f264edca798d82e88b886 6f2219c6cad9f4c2e5fd3c364c71df13

Following on from our last post on movie artwork I have another brilliant artist called Chungkong. This guy has some brilliant concept movie posters and obviously has a great understanding of most of these films, I really like some of these so have a look through and tell us what you think!

This guys website is head over and have a proper look at all of them!

6918041186_8b6ec03ea5_b 7064119619_e83f5507f0_b 7064113323_106900fbe5_b 7064113263_916211e015_b 7064113529_25046561fc_b 6918034724_84d794a811_b 6918035520_011c97c062_b 6918035600_2dd0aa88fb_b 6918035918_ab4e35a0ae_b 7064114971_3fa22d49c3_b 6918036408_b482b04b14_b 6918036700_f76fe04429_b 7064115919_753dcc0232_b 6918037328_6b7fb33f6b_b 6918038066_57f3f88ebc_b 7064116039_edc5e43edb_b 7064116115_c2b6ea6f69_b 7064116191_37451196b2_b 6918037656_85fb2d3d0e_b 7064119205_06bcf1905c_b 6918040486_ab6ae1eb0e_b 7064118357_63e96e4ede_b

So flicking through the internet recently I have come across so many great ideas for movie poster and wanted to start putting them up so every now and then I’ll put a new set up with the link for you to go check them out yourself.  So here is the first installment of some brilliant minimal movie posters, have a flick through and keep coming back to check out more, if you want to check out more from the artist Pedro Vidotto go to the link below: mockupprestigepng-550x791 mockupavatarpng-550x791 mockupsawpng-550x791 pedro-vidotto9-550x791 pedro-vidotto2-550x791 pedro-vidotto3-550x791 560-550x791


mockupparanormalactivity mockupforrestgumppng mockupscissorhandspng mockupschindlerpng mockupbees mockuphp7 mockupchihiropng mockupburnafterreadingpng pedro-vidotto1-550x791 pedro-vidotto4-550x791 pedro-vidotto5-550x791 pedro-vidotto6-550x791 pedro-vidotto7-550x791 pedro-vidotto8-550x791 pedro-vidotto13-550x791 pedro-vidotto10-550x791 pedro-vidotto11-550x791


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