We have created a place for for us to upload any new trailers we’ve seen that we think are worth watching.


Michael Fassbender plays Frank, a mysterious and enigmatic leader of a eccentric pop group to which Jon, a wanna-be musician, becomes part of.  And yes that is Michael Fassbender in a massive paper mache head, which he wears for duration of the film. No official trailer out yet but here is a clip for you to get a flavour of what looks like a surreal and off beat comedy, once again reminding us that Fassy can straddle both the blockbuster and the indie like a boss. UK release date is set for 2nd May 2014.


This isn’t the first time a film has been confined to one space, Phone Booth, Buried, etc. However this thriller looks like an interesting twist with the entire plot set around one man’s (Tom Hardy) drive home, receiving a phone call which causes his life to unravel. As a big fan of Tom Hardy I could watch him pretty much do anything for 90 minutes, the added bonus is the film is written and directed by the scribe of Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things, Steven Knight. Plus with the buzz that has already surrounds the film from its screening at Sundance, I would say its a fair bet that this is one to watch out for this year. US release date is set for 25th April.

Under The Skin

Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) adapts Michel Faber’s darkly satirical book about an alien (Scarlett Johansson) sent to earth to pick up and abduct hitchhikers for harvesting. This extended teaser comes just how I like them ambiguous, weird and unsettling. UK release date is set for 14th March.

Starred Up

David Mackenzie’s film Starred Up has released its trailer today and it looks like it won’t be pulling any punches, set for release on the 21st of March this will be one to look out for!

Child Of God

James Franco has decided to turn his hand to directing and his ambitious first project is the adaptation of a Cormac McCarthy novel called Child Of God. Having read the book I am interested to see how he handles some of the more gruesome scenes, but let us know what you think in the comments section below!


What better way to start that with Christopher Nolan’s up and coming project Interstellar, following a group of astronauts who utilise a newly discovered worm hole to travel vast distances this film could be something very special!  

The Raid 2: Berandal

For those of you who haven’t seen The Raid stop what you are doing now and go watch it, by far the best action movie for years and the standout film of 2011 Garth Evans’ Indonesian film follows a S.W.A.T team as they attempt to remove a gang lord from an apartment block. The Raid: Redemption was the first in a trilogy and the second film, The Raid 2: Berandal, looks to continue where the first movie finished and I cannot wait.


John Michael McDonaugh has once again teamed up with the brilliant Brendan Gleeson for Calvary, a story of an Irish priest who receives a death threat during a confession and must deal with the fallout surrounding it.

So make sure you check back here as we will be updating this page regularly with any new trailers we think are worth checking out and let us know if you have seen anything that tickled your fancy recently as we’d love to hear what you’ve been watching!


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